Bradley J. Bond

Media representation matters

Bradley J. Bond, Ph.D., is a Professor in the Department of Communication at the University of San Diego. Dr. Bond's research falls within the discipline of media psychology. He investigates the relationships between media exposure and identity-related outcomes, particularly with regards to marginalized identities among children and adolescents. He also examines the development, maintenance, and dissolution of audiences' parasocial relationships with media characters and celebrities. 

Dr. Bond takes a social psychological approach, employing content analysis, survey, and experimental methods to better understand the role of media in identity development and socialization. Dr. Bond’s work on media effects has received top paper awards from multiple academic associations, and has been published in journals and edited volumes including Communication Research, Journal of Communication, Media Psychology, Mass Communication & Society, Journal of Children & Media, and Cyberpsychology, Behavior, & Social Networking, to name a few. Dr. Bond’s research has also garnered popular press attention, covered in media outlets such as NPR, ABC News, CBC, TIME, The Washington Post, and The Atlantic, among others. He has conducted independent consulting and workshops for content creators and media companies including Warner Brothers, Disney, and Nickelodeon on authentic representation, diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

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